About US

Organic Bodhi is passionate about promoting the ‘Bodhi’ culture (awakening and enlightenment) and educating people about the benefits of going back to our roots. We want to create a culture, referring to the lifestyle and philosophy that supports this awakening. 

Organic Bodhi emphasizes the importance of living in harmony with nature, eating healthy foods, and practising Ayurveda, meditation, and mindfulness.

We are designated to be a safe haven in providing holistic healing and wellness solutions to all people who want to learn and grow in their spiritual practice.

We believe that organic growth comes from within and that we all have the ability to Bodhisattvas. Our goal is to provide content and solutions focused on empowerment, mind-body wellness, and creating community.

Through the likes of Ayurveda, yoga, clean-eating, and meditation, we hope to provide a space for everyone to explore their own journey to wellness. Our dream is that Organic Bodhi will be a source of light and love for all who visit us.



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