Ayurvedic Remedy: Guluchyadi Kashayam for Allergy

Ayurvedic medicines like guluchyadi kashayam can treat conditions such as infections and fever associated with excessive thirst, vomiting, and burning sensation. Guluchyadi Kashayam for Allergy contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, and you can use the medicine to treat acid reflux, gastritis, heartburn and nausea.

Additionally, guluchyadi kashayam can treat liver diseases, and it’s an excellent remedy for ankle pain. But can this medicine treat conditions like “allergic rhinitis?” let’s check that out.

What is Allergic Rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis is a condition that causes cough and cold due to allergens found indoors or outdoors. Most people experience discomfort and the inability to complete tasks at home, school or work. But with guluchyadi kashayam syrup, you can treat the condition easily as it will lessen the swollenness of the sinus glands and itchiness. 

Common Causes of Allergic Rhinitis


Many people, especially when they experience the 1st reaction, release antibodies to protect themselves. Doing so helps the body fight all those substances that cause the allergy. When the body gets exposed to the allergen, it automatically releases the chemicals that trigger allergic rhinitis symptoms. Here are those allergens that cause this condition:

  • Spores from mould and fungi. 
  • Pollen from ragweed, grass and trees.
  • Mites and dust.
  • Skin, dander and saliva of pets.

Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis 

You will come across many signs or symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Many individuals experience one or two signs of an attack. The symptoms are:

  • Itching and dryness in the nose or throat. 
  • Coughing.
  • Redness and itching in the eyes are some things accompanied by watering eyes.
  • Persistent sneezing.
  • Tiredness.
  • Runny nose and congestion in the nasal cavity. 
  • Swelling and dark patches below the eyes. 

These symptoms can lead to many discomforts and make it difficult for you to sleep at night. But with,  for Allergy reduce these signs or symptoms with immediate effect. 

Complications Associated with Allergic Rhinitis


There are some issues/complications associated with allergic rhinitis or hay fever.

  • Lessens the quality of life: Allergic rhinitis will interfere with your enjoyment of activities and make you less productive. The condition can stop you from attending school or work.
  • Poor sleep: Allergic rhinitis will keep you awake or make it difficult for you to sleep at night. This can make you feel of being unwell and fatigue.

Managing Allergic Rhinitis through Guluchyadi Kashayam

Allergic rhinitis can make you feel unwell and stop you from doing all your regular activities peaceful. But with  for Allergy, you can treat this condition effectively. Here are several ways to manage hay fever.

Guluchyadi kashayam dosage

Guluchyadi kashayam comes in three forms which are liquid, tablet and churna. The dosage for each form of Guluchyadi Kashayam for Allergy medicine are:

  • Liquid: The maximum possible dosage is 30ml daily [in separate doses].
  • Churna: You must take 96 ml of it twice in lukewarm water. 
  • Tablets: As an adult, you should 2 guluchyadi kashayam tablets. 



If you’re taking the Guluchyadi Kashayam for Allergy in tablet form, you must take 2 of them twice per day. Children should take only 1 tablet. Remember, you should take a guluchyadi kashayam tablet before meals. 

Guluchyadi Kashayam Choornam uses

For the guluchyadi kashayam choornam, here are the instructions which you need to follow:

  • For Children: 1.5ml as per body weight.
  • Adults: 96ml.

Guluchyadi Kashaym Syrup

To take the syrup, take a look at this information:

  • Adults: 5ml to 15ml two times daily.
  • Children: 1.5 ml to 10 ml two times daily.

You should take the liquid/syrup preparation of this medicine 30 minutes before your meals.

Benefits and How it Treats Allergic Rhinitis 

Bala guluchyadi kashayam can treat conditions like allergic rhinitis effectively. This is mainly because the medicine contains Giloy or Guduchi, which can treat this condition. Apart from that, it will give a boost to your immunity and will suppress swelling or inflammation. 


Vasa guluchyadi kashayam is your ultimate solution for infections and fever. The medicine can also treat hay fever or allergic rhinitis by reducing its symptoms. If you want to use it, make sure to speak with the doctor. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What forms of guluchyadi kashayam are available?

A: Guluchyadi kashayam comes in three forms which are syrup, tablets and liquids.

Q2. What are some of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis?

A: Tiredness, persistent sneezing, redness and itchiness in the eyes are signs of allergic rhinitis.

Q3. How to take the guluchyadi kashayam tablets?

A: You should take 2 tablets two times daily with lukewarm water. For children, it’s 1 tablet.

Q4. What are some of the complications of allergic rhinitis?

A: Poor sleep and reducing the quality of life are some of the main complications of allergic rhinitis.

Q5. How does allergic rhinitis take place?

A: Allergic rhinitis is caused due to:

  • Dust and mites.
  • Pollen from grass, trees and ragweed.
  • Spores from fungi and mold.

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