Manjisthadi Kashayam for Hypercholesterolemia: Treat Cholesterol Complications

Individuals of all ages suffer from various medical conditions, and hypercholesterolemia is one of them. In simple words, hypercholesterolemia is referred to as a high blood cholesterol level. It’s a condition that affects how the human body produces cholesterol. People who suffer from this disease have a high chance of experiencing heart disease.

But with manjisthadi kashayam, you can easily reduce the symptoms of hypercholesterolemia and the chances of experiencing a heart attack. 

What is Manjisthadi Kashayam and How It Can Treat Hypercholesterolemia?

Manjistadi kashayam is a popular and well-known ayurvedic medicine used to treat conditions like hypercholesterolemia. The manjisthadi kashayam comes in tablet and liquid form and contains powerful ingredients. These ingredients help treat the symptoms of this particular condition, which stops unwanted complications from occurring.

Manjisthadi kashayam is also ideal for other health conditions, such as non-healing wounds, eczema, gout, syphilis, obesity, arthritis, and many more. 

The Symptoms of Hypercholesterolemia


You can easily lessen the symptoms of hypercholesterolemia with manjisthadi kashayam and stop unwanted complications from occurring. But what exactly are these symptoms? Let’s check them out!

  • Spots of cholesterol deposits occur in the knees, elbows, hands, and under the eyes. 
  • Cholesterol deposits condense the Achilles tendon. 
  • High-level cholesterol leads to corneal arcus. This is a grey or white ring around the eye’s iris. 

The Causes of Hypercholesterolemia

Hypercholesterolemia is mainly caused due to gene alteration, which is passed down from one or both parents. Individuals who have this particular condition are born with it. This change can prevent the body from eliminating cholesterol, which builds in the arteries and leads to heart-related ailments.

Using the manjisthadi kashayam for this condition, you can easily manage it and prevent heart problems. 

How Manjisthadi Kashayam Treat Hypercholesterolemia? 

Firstly, the manjisthadi kashayam tablets contain some powerful ingredients that help give relief from hypercholesterolemia. It will lessen the symptoms of this condition so that you don’t experience any severe problems. Manjisthadi kashayam is one of the most effective ayurvedic medicines and it’s also recommended by doctors for conditions like hypercholesterolemia.


How to Take the Manjisthadi Kashayam?

To take the manjisthadi kashayam, you just need to mix the liquid with water. The actual dosage is 12ml to 24ml, or you can take the dosage, which your doctor instructs. When taking the manjisthadi kashayam tablet, you must follow your doctor’s instructions. Make sure to take medicine before consuming food and try adding a bit of Guggulu and long pepper powder in the mixture. 

The Bottom Line

The manjisthadi kashayam is an effective ayurvedic medicine for hypercholesterolemia. It will help you manage the condition properly, and manjisthadi kashayam will also lessen its symptoms so that you don’t experience them. Manjisthadi kashayam also comes in both tablet and liquid form, giving you the chance to opt for the one you need.


Q1.What are the ingredients of manjisthadi kashayam?

A. Manjishthadi kashayam has many ingredients, but some main ingredients are Manjistha, Kushta, Guduchi, Vacha, Nimba, and many more.

Q2. How take the manjisthadi kashayam?

A. To take the manjisthadi kashayam, you can take 12ml to 24ml of the medicine and mix it with water. You should take medicine before you consume any food products. The perfect time to take is 6 am to 7 am and 6 pm to 7 pm.

Q3.What is hypercholesterolemia?

A. Hypercholesterolemia is a term that is pointed towards high cholesterol levels. It’s a genetic condition where a person inherits either from one parent or both.

Q4. What are the causes of hypercholesterolemia?

If this condition is left untreated, it will cause heart-related conditions and increase the chances of a heart attack.

Q5. What are the symptoms of hypercholesterolemia?

A. The symptoms/signs of hypercholesterolemia are:

  • Cholesterol deposit appearing under the eyes, hands, knees and elbows.
  • The cholesterol deposit shortens the Achilles tendon. 

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