How Punarnavadi Mandoor For Asthma Works?

Asthma is a health condition that narrows and swells down your airways while producing extra mucus. You may experience difficulty in breathing along with wheezing, coughing, and breathing shortness. Although considered a minor issue to some people, this condition can be a significant problem interfering with the daily life activities of others. Punarnavadi Mandoor For Asthma can be the best cure for this.

Even if it can’t be cured completely, Ayurveda can ensure the best relief from the symptoms. The Ayurvedic herbal medicine- Punarnavadi Manduram is a great way to deal with asthma. 

What is Punarnavadi Mandoor, and How can it be Effective to Treat Asthma?

Punarnavadi Mandoor, also popularly known as Punarnavadi Mandoora and Punarnavadi Mandooram, is among the best Ayurvedic medicines for asthma. With antioxidants and other ingredients, this herbal formula has emerged as the answer to cure various ailments. Punarnava Manduram uses its healing properties and acts as a bronchodilator and expectorant to steer any blockage in the airway for ease in breathing. 

Asthma Symptoms


The symptoms of asthma vary from one individual to another. However, some common signs and symptoms of asthma include:

  • Chest tightness or pain
  • Difficulty sleeping due to coughing, shortness of breath, or wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Gasping at the time of exhaling
  • Wheezing or coughing attacks, getting worsened by cold or flu

Signs and symptoms of asthma can get worse and flare up in situations like:

  • Allergy-induced asthma – triggered by mold spores, skin particles, pet dander, pollen, cockroach waste
  • Occupational asthma – triggered by office irritants like gasses, chemical fumes, or dust
  • Exercise-induced asthma – triggered by cold and dry air

Note: Ayurveda has an in-depth understanding of asthma symptoms and knows how to deal with them. The century-old herbal ingredients of Ayurveda combined in one formulation – Punarnava medicine – is the best way to combat asthma symptoms. 

Identifying the Major Causes of Asthma

The reason why some people have asthma and some don’t is still unclear. However, researchers say that it can happen due to environmental as well as genetic factors. 

What Triggers Asthma:

  • Respiratory infections
  • Cold air
  • Medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.
  • Preservatives and sulfites added to some foods
  • Airborne allergens
  • Physical activity 
  • Air pollutants and irritants
  • Stress and strong emotions
  • GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease

No matter what’s the reason behind an asthma trigger, you cannot always expect to get away from them. One way or the other, you may encounter some of these triggers. 

Thus, relying on Ayurveda is a great way to deal with this problem. Punarnavadi Mandur benefits every asthma patient to do their daily life activities without worrying about these triggers. 

How Punarnavadi Mandoor Helps in Treating Asthma


Punarnava mandur helps in reducing the signs and symptoms of asthma and prevents the production of excess mucus. Thanks to its Rasayana (rejuvenating) and Kapha Balancing properties, you get to breathe easily.

You can take one or two Punarnavadi Manduram tablets with some juice or lukewarm water and get rid of the asthma symptoms.  


If you have mild or severe asthma, start your Ayurveda treatment today. Consult an Ayurvedic practitioner to determine the dosage and seek the benefits of punarnavadi manduram tablets


Q1.Which ingredient of punarnava manduram plays a crucial role in treating asthma?

A. Punarnava Ayurveda uses turmeric as one of its significant ingredients to treat asthma. That’s because turmeric has been excellent for treating bronchitis and upper respiratory conditions for centuries. 

Q2. How often can I take punarnava manduram to relieve asthma symptoms?

A. It’s best to seek advice regarding the dosage from your Ayurvedic doctor. However, the typical recommended punarnava dosage is one or two tablets a day.  

Q3. What is the average cost of punarnava manduram tablets in India?

A. The average cost of a strip of punarnava manduram tablets is around ₹140-₹200 in India. 

Q4. What makes punarnava capsules so special for asthma?

A. The Rasayana (rejuvenating) and anti-inflammatory properties of the punarnava capsules make them highly effective for getting relief from asthma. 

Q5. Are there any side effects of using this Ayurvedic medicine?

A. One of the most common punarnava side effects is high blood pressure levels. Although seen in a few people, it’s not a matter of concern. 

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