Punarnavadi Manduram: Uses, Benefits, Application, Ingredients, and More [2022]

Punarnavadi manduram is also known by the Ayurvedic terms Punarnava, Punarnavadi mandoora, and Punarnavadi Mandooram. It is one of the significant contributions to the medical world by Ayurveda. This potent Ayurvedic medication comes with numerous health benefits and has been used since ancient times.

It’s typically known as Sterling, Hogweed, Shothaghni in Sanskrit, Mukarati Kirei in Tamil, Tarvine in English, and Raktakunda. Boerhavia diffusa is the botanical name of this Ayurvedic herb. The actual translation of Punarnava is “something that replenishes or revives the body.

So, Punarnava mandur is an Ayurvedic reviver herb that belongs to the Nyctaginaceae plant kingdom, which is known for its unique fruit called anthocarp. Like the name, Punarnava mandur is a traditional Ayurvedic herb that comes with a great rejuvenating ability for the entire body.

The whole plant serves excellent medicinal properties to help cure conditions like fever, liver abnormalities, eye problems, edema, arthritis, fever, and abdominal issues.

What is Punarnavadi Manduram?

Punarnava medicine has been one of the most prominent Ayurvedic contributions to the world since ancient times. This medicinal herb helps cure diseases like jaundice, anemia, colitis, gout, hepatitis, and more. It consists of multiple ingredients such as dried ginger, black pepper, cedar, haritaki, amla, caraway, Hogweed (Punarnava), trivet, long pepper, turmeric, bibhitaki, and carom.


These Punarnavadi mandoor ingredients play a crucial role in ensuring a healthy body and mind. Punarnava Ayurvedic medicine also helps prevent the human body from severe health conditions. These conditions include kidney stones, liver infections, diabetes, hydronephrosis diabetes, and heart failure.

Moreover, the medicinal herb acts as a powerful laxative to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Whether it’s heavy menstruation, urinary tract infections, clotting, or fibroids in women, Punarnavadi Mandooram takes care of all. 

Punarnava Ayurvedic Medicine: Properties 

Punarnava in Ayurveda is considered an excellent diuretic, which helps in detoxifying blood while removing all the toxins and impurities in it. More medicinal properties come with this Ayurvedic medicine. Let’s check. 

Punarnava Mandur is a diuretic, which detoxifies the blood, removes its impurities and toxins, and improves overall blood circulation.


Punarnavadi Manduram uses the best herbal ingredients to cure acute dermatitis and other skin conditions. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which help cool and heal the skin. If you continue to take this Ayurvedic medicine for a month or two, you will get exceptional results. 

 Hematogenic Nature


Punarnavadi Mandoor consists of iron oxide, making it an excellent iron tonic. The hematogenic property of this medicinal herb helps in producing red blood cells (RBCs). It ultimately enables you to recover blood loss during the menstruation cycle and prevents conditions like chronic fever, anemia, ascites, etc. 

Ayurvedic Medicine

Punarnava consists of excellent Ayurvedic elements such as maricha, danti, trivrit, Amalaki, shunti, etc. These elements help you combat diseases like chronic fever, hemorrhoids, jaundice, etc., in the most effective way. 


Punarnava mandoor uses its antioxidant property to protect you from health-deteriorating free radicals. Thanks to its antioxidants, you will stay away from disease-causing bacteria and germs as much as possible.


During the formation of blood cells, your body requires a particular nutrient – Hematinic. Thanks to this medicinal property by Punarnava, you won’t have to worry about your hemoglobin level in the body anymore. 

Digestive Stimulants

Punarnava is considered an excellent digestive stimulant in Ayurveda. It helps to maintain the digestive system to ensure your proper health condition. It also protects you from abdominal problems. 

Punarnavadi Manduram Ingredients

Ingredients Other Name Quantity
Punarnava Spreading Hogweed 1 Part
Sonth  Dried ginger root 1 Part
Pippali  Long Pepper 1 Part
Devdaru  Deodar Cedar or Himalayan Cedar 1 Part
Kushta  Indian Costus Root 1 Part
Haritaki Terminalia Chebula 1 Part
Amla Indian Gooseberry 1 Part
Chavya  Java Long Pepper 1 Part
Kutki  Picrorhiza Kurroa 1 Part
Piplamool  Long Pepper Roots 1 Part
Kakra Singhi Crab’s claw 1 Part
Ajwain Carom Seeds 1 Part
Nishoth Roots Trivrit or Turpeth 1 Part
Kali Mirch Black Pepper 1 Part
Vaividang  False Black Pepper 1 Part
Chitrak Root Plumbago Zeylanica 1 Part
Haldi Turmeric 1 Part
Bibhitaki Terminalia Bellirica 1 Part
Danti Roots Baliospermum Montanum 1 Part
Indrayava  Holarrhena Antidysenterica Seeds 1 Part
Mustak Nut Grass 1 Part
Kala Jeera Caraway 1 Part
1 Part
Mandur Bhasma 
2 parts
Cow Urine
8 parts

Note: Punarnavadi kashayam uses the cow’s urine and mandur bhasma after mixing and heating them. They are stewed until half of the liquid remains. Then, the other ingredients in the form of fine powder are added to the liquid for reheating and re-stewing. It is done until the mixture becomes thick and ideal for tablet form. Finally, the Punarnavadi manduram tablets are prepared from this mixture.

Punarnava Mandoor Uses: Therapeutic Uses 


Punarnava consists of potent hepato-stimulative and hepatoprotective qualities. This is what makes the Ayurvedic herb an excellent remedy for people having jaundice, in which the liver gets affected. Regardless of the form – tablets or capsules – the exceptional properties of Punarnava offer immense support to the overall liver functioning.



Punarnavadi mandoor benefits individuals who are suffering from iron deficiency anemia. It significantly enhances the hemoglobin level in the body and reduces anemia-associated symptoms. 

Abdominal Distension

Punarnava is a highly beneficial herb that helps you get rid of abdominal distension, kidney stones, and urinary distension. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antispasmodic properties, you can prevent bacterial infection and avoid abdominal distension. 

Chronic Colitis

This herb is an excellent potent digestive agent, which helps cure ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. It enhances digestion to avoid colitis by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices. 

Gout and Hyperuricemia

Gout is called Vatarakta in the Ayurvedic textbooks. Punarnavadi kashayam benefits individuals with gout symptoms with its Mutral (diuretic) and Vata-Pitta balancing properties. 

Fatty Liver Disease


As Punarnava works on Kapha Dosha, it also helps in reducing the level of fat accumulation in the liver cells. It allows individuals to prevent and cure fatty liver disease while enhancing their overall liver function. For optimal benefits, it can be combined and used with Varanadi Kashayam.  

Intestinal Worms

Low Agni (weak digestive fire) is what encourages the growth of worms in your body. Here, using Punarnava helps enhance this digestive fire and damages the ideal condition required for worm growth. Punarnava uses its pachan (digestive), deepan (appetizer), and krimihar (anti-worm) properties to get rid of intestinal worms. 


Hepatitis is nothing but the inflammation of the liver. It helps in cleaning and revitalizing the liver. Moreover, it helps the liver to secrete bile and regulate the liver enzymes to cure such an underlying condition. 

Breathing difficulties

Breathing difficulties can happen due to blockage in the airway. Here, Punarnava can be of great use due to its bronchodilator and expectorant properties, which steer the airway clear. 

Punarnavadi Mandoor Benefits

Relieves liver problems


Thanks to the hepatoprotective properties, Punarnavadi Mandoor relieves liver problems in the most effective ways. Whether it’s liver problems like liver cirrhosis, hepatitis C, or hepatitis B, Punarnava, along with other Ayurvedic medications, is of immense help.

Punarnavadi Mandoor helps fight cardiovascular disorder

Punarnava has a range of heart-friendly properties, which plays a crucial role in curing numerous heart ailments. Apart from relaxing the cardiac system, it plays an essential role in lowering blood cholesterol levels, strengthening cardiac muscles, and preventing lipid formation in the heart.  

Punarnavadi kashayam for kidney

Punarnavadi kashayam for the kidney is an effective way to cure conditions like chronic renal failure. Punarnava helps in enhancing the hemoglobin level in patients with underlying kidney conditions. This rejuvenating herb helps lower the risk of ascites caused due to chronic kidney failure. 

Punarnavadi mandoor for chronic fever

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties, Punarnava helps cure chronic fever most effectively. The herb helps build immunity as well, which fights the fever-causing bacteria or virus in the body. 

Punarnavadi mandoor for asthma


Punarnavadi mandoor is an excellent way to cure asthma. This medicinal herb is a powerhouse of expectorant and bronchodilator, which keeps the airway open and helps you breathe comfortably.

Punarnavadi mandoor for infective skin diseases

This Ayurvedic herb’s anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties ensure the best skin health. It helps you combat any infective skin diseases to retain your skin glow. 

Punarnavadi mandoor for helminthiasis

Helminthiasis, also known as worm infection, is something that can be treated effectively with Punarnava. The herb has anti-worn (krimihar), digestive (pachan), and appetizing (deepan) properties, which help you cure the condition quickly. 

Punarnavadi mandoor for hypothyroidism

Purnava may work as a Rasayana for hypothyroidism in the body. It helps in lowering the thyroxine levels in the body and cures the underlying condition. 

Punarnavadi mandoor for dermatitis


Punarnava is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine to treat dermatitis in its acute form. The anti-inflammatory property ensures to cool and heal your skin. For chronic dermatitis, you may have to consult the doctor regarding the dosage. 

Punarnavadi mandoor for weight loss

Punarnavadi mandoor for weight loss is a great way to prevent obesity. The medicinal herb is a great appetizer that keeps you full and aids you in weight loss. 

 Punarnavadi mandoor for menstruation

Punarnava helps in restoring the hemoglobin level lost during the menstruation cycle. So, in a way, it helps women maintain their hemoglobin levels and stay healthy. 

Punarnava Dosage

It’s mainly used to boost the emission of iron levels in the human body. The Ayurvedic consultant prescribes Punarnava dosage after considering factors like weight, age, height, and severity of the patient’s issue. Although you can take the tablet before any meal, it’s highly effective when consumed after a meal. You must take it with buttermilk, water, or jaggery to get the most benefit.

For Children 125mg – 500mg
For Adults 250mg – 1000mg
Ideal time to consume After meal
Ideal Adjuvants Buttermilk, water, or jaggery (gur)
Maximum Dosage  4g per day in divided doses

Punarnava Mandura: How to Use

For Punarnava Capsules

Punarnava capsules should be consumed with water or milk or whatever the Ayurvedic doctor suggests. It’s usually recommended to be consumed twice a day before having a meal. 

Punarnavadi Mandoor: Side Effects

When it comes to the Punarnava side effects, there are not many. In some cases, it may result in adverse effects due to the involvement of constituent ingredients. The following side effects of this Ayurvedic medicine include:

High BP

Individuals having hypertension may experience a sudden increase in their blood pressure levels. It can occur due to several factors like tardiness, inadequate sleep, stress, etc. 

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Punarnava consists of some constituting elements, resulting in a disruption in the digestive system. In some cases, it can lead to the formation of excess gas in the body, causing gastrointestinal disorders.  

Some other possible side effects of Punarnavadi manduram include soreness, itching, upset stomach, nausea, optic atrophy, etc.

Note: These side effects are not something definitive. These are the most common side effects which have been noticed by some people using Punarnavadi Mandoor.


Punarnavadi mandoor tablets benefit all the individuals who rely on the rejuvenating power of Ayurveda. This exceptional revitalizing herb is enriched with nutrients and offers numerous health benefits to all. 

Whether it’s the need to aid weight loss, get pain relief, manage diabetes, or boost digestion, Punarnava takes care of all. If appropriately taken within the recommended dosage, one can reap its benefits and stay healthy. 


Q1. How can Punarnava help in building immunity?

A. Punarnava helps build immunity by ensuring a great source of nutrients and medicinal properties to the body. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties, your body can fight most diseases to keep you healthy.

Q2. For how long is it possible to take Punarnava?

A. Punarnava is an Ayurvedic medicinal herb that comes with minimum side effects, that too, in some rare cases. Thus, it can be taken as long as you don’t get cured of your underlying condition. However, it’s best to seek advice on this matter from your Ayurvedic consultant.

Q3. Is it possible to take any other supplements along with Punarnavadi mandoor?

A. Suppose you’re using Punarnavadi mandoor for curing any underlying condition. In that case, it’s best to seek advice from your Ayurvedic doctor to know whether you can take any other supplement or not.

Q4. Can I take Punarnava daily?

A. Yes, you can consume Punarnava daily. In most cases, Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe one or two capsules/tablets per day for your quick recovery.

Q5. Is Punarnava good for my lungs?

A.Yes, Punarnava is an excellent Ayurvedic herb for your lungs. That’s because it acts as both expectorant and bronchodilator.  

Q6. What is Punarnavadi Manduram is used for?

A. Purnarvadi manduram is used for reducing the symptoms of jaundice, anemia, chronic fever, liver issues, cardiovascular disorders and many more.

Q7. What are the properties of Punarnavadi Mandoor?

A. Punarnavadi mandoor carries various properties, some of them are:

  • Contains ayurvedic components.
  • It’s anti-inflammatory. 
  • Has hematogenic properties. 
  • Works as a digestive stimulant. 

Q8.When should I take Punarnavadi Manduram?

A. You can take this ayurvedic medicine after or before a meal. You must take it in a proportion of 500mg to 1g.

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