Spleen Cleanse Ayurvedic Remedies: Cleansing Your Spleen with Ayurveda

Do you feel like you are always tired? Are you struggling with weight gain, despite eating healthy foods? Well, if these are your condition, then chances are that you may be suffering from a sluggish spleen. The spleen is one of the essential organs which is responsible for many vital functions in the body. In this blog post, we will discuss the spleen cleanse ayurvedic ways.

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What are the Symptoms and Habits of Spleen Enlargement

Abdominal Pain

The discomfort or pain of abdominal enlargement is felt most commonly in the left side of the abdomen (spleen area) and lasts for a long time. There may also be a dull ache or pressure present. The pain can come on suddenly and is usually accompanied by other symptoms as well. If you want to get rid of these symptoms, you must incorporate spleen cleanse ayurvedic ways in your life.

Red Blood Cells


Your spleen is responsible for producing red blood cells, which transport oxygen to your tissues. Hemoglobin cannot function without sufficient levels of iron in the body. The iron that provides energy to hemoglobin must be constantly replenished by eating foods rich in nutrients that contain iron, such as red meat and eggs.

Vitamin B12 assists in breaking down food so the spleen can use its nutrients. This means it helps your spleen produce more red blood cells. Moreover, you can also follow some ayurvedic cleanse recipes for detoxifying.

Small Intestine

The primary function of this organ is to absorb nutrients. It is closely related to the stomach; it has many other duties, including bringing water and antibodies into the body. We should make sure our small intestines are clean because toxins may cause problems for your digestive system and overall health.

Gallbladder Inflammation

If your gallbladder has been removed, there is a chance that it might still be congested. Piles, in this case, are a sign of heat in the liver and congestion in the ducts connected to the liver. It can also indicate a weak digestive system or sluggish metabolism. “This is an important key to understand because knowing this allows us to see clearly what we should do to reverse such symptoms so that we may get rid of our piles.”

Foods to avoid in Spleen cleanse ayurvedic diet

Vata Foods

Vata imbalances are often associated with dryness, cold, light, airy foods. Therefore, avoid eating refined white flour products such as crackers or white breads. Stay away from too much raw food, especially in the spring months.

Pitta Foods


Avoid spicy foods to pitta types, especially red pepper flakes or black pepper, which irritate the digestive tract. Also, avoid citrus fruits like orange juice since they are too acidic for an already aggravated Pitta constitution. In the ayurvedic cleanse, you must avoid eating pitta foods.

Kapha Foods

Stay away from sweets, sugars, and processed foods, including most dairy products; they will only increase Kapha dosha. Try to avoid refined flour products since they can cause an imbalance in your system. All oily foods that are Kapha type, especially the ones that are fried or greasy, should be avoided.

Toxic Foods

The main causes of spleen damage are Toxic foods. These are highly processed, refined, fake foods. Junk food from the supermarket is a big one. If you want to detox your spleen and help it heal, remove toxic foods from your diet at least for a short period.

Bitter Food

Appetite for bitter foods indicates a spleen deficiency. Herbs that toxify the spleen are often very bitter. Chewing fresh raw ginger can also help stimulate appetite and aid digestion. Supplements that strengthen the spleen include Amalaki, Gotu kola, Triphala, white turmeric, long pepper, or Shatavari.

The Bottom Line

The spleen is one of the most crucial organs in the body and needs to be cleansed regularly for proper function.  Ayurvedic detox cleanse includes eating only certain foods, avoiding other foods, fasting, taking supplements, doing exercises for a healthy spleen digestive system, and maintaining a positive attitude. These practices will help cleanse your spleen and keep it healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the spleen?

A1. The spleen is a small, organ-shaped sac located in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen. It filters blood and helps to fight infection. The spleen also produces white blood cells and platelets, essential for blood clotting.

Q2. What are some common symptoms of a spleen problem?

A2. Symptoms of a spleen problem can vary depending on the cause but may include pain in the upper left side of the abdomen, feeling full after eating very little, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

Q3. What food must you avoid during Spleen cleanse ayurvedic?

A4.There are certain foods that you should avoid during a spleen cleanse ayurvedic. These include anything high in fat or sugar and processed foods. It is also important to avoid caffeine and alcohol.

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